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Mourne AONB Secondary School Education Pack

The pack contains a suite of resources for seven field sites within the Mourne AONB. It has been designed to equip post-primary school teachers with the information and knowledge to lead field visits to each of these sites as well as providing materials for students to enable them to carry out activities in the field.

This pack has been designed to fit in with specifications offered by examining bodies in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. These are as follows:

Northern Ireland
CCEA GCSE Geography
CCEA GCE AS/A2 Geography
OCR GCE AS/A2 Geology

Republic of Ireland
Junior Certificate Geography
Leaving Certificate Geography

Each field site has information that can be used independently but for a broader understanding of the geological history of the area, it is recommended that a number of sites should be visited. A summary of both the bedrock geology and the superficial geology has been provided as well as a simplified geological map to provide an overview. All of the field sites mentioned are suitable for students of GCSE / Junior Certificate age or older.

Annual Youth Rangers programme

This is an annual programme for 14 to 17 year olds to take an opportunity to learn outdoor adventure and practical conservation skills. Youth rangers have a passion for the AONBs and Geopark landscape and heritage. The Youth Ranger programme is a great opportunity to experience work in the environmental conservation field.

The Programme usually runs for ten days across the AONBs and Geopark in the spring or summer.

The programme gives young people the opportunity to learn outdoor skills such as navigation and canoeing, whilst exploring the local landscape; learning about how it formed and its rich biodiversity and heritage. Most importantly of all, it’s an opportunity for young people to learn practical conservation skills and contribute to the environmental management of the area.

Some past Youth Rangers had these comments to make about the programme:

“It was very educational and fun and helped me learn how to help the environment more.”

“Great for CV, thanks”

“It was brilliant fun and I would definitely come back and recommend it!”

Application packs will be released during recruitment each year. Sign up to out newsletter below to stay informed.